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Ashdown, AR  Funeral Homes

The following funeral service provider list is in Ashdown, Arkansas. Please select a funeral home listing below to view more details about local services provided.
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Hamburg s Funeral Home
270 East Hamilton Street
Ashdown , AR 71822
(870) 898-5944
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Madden Funeral Home Inc
1540 Greenview Drive
Ashdown , AR 71822
(870) 898-3331
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Local Obituaries and Funeral Notice News

Patrick Shovelton -

Sun, Apr 22, 2012
Lords inquiry into EEC maritime transport policy and the Commons’ inquiry into merchant shipping. Shovelton enjoyed a vigorous old age. He remained a competitive golfer, in 1988 captaining Royal Ashdown Forest, and was founder-chairman of the Friends of Tunbridge Wells and Rusthall Commons. Into his 90s, he wrote perceptive and entertaining obituaries of former Whitehall colleagues for the Independent. He was appointed CMG in 1972 and CB in 1976, and was an officer of the Netherlands’ Order of Orange-Nassau. Patrick Shovelton married, in 1942, Marjorie Manners, with whom he had a daughter. They divorced in 1967, and the following year he married the 23-year-old Helena Richards, daughter of the author Denis Richards. As Dame Helena Shovelton, she chaired the Citizens’ Advice Bureaux from 1998 to 2001. Patrick Shovelton, born August 18 1919, died January 20 2012 ...


Tue, Jan 31, 2012
Funeral Home. Interment will follow in the Nevill’s Chapel Cemetery.Mrs. Barrett was born July 27, 1930, to Charlie and Beatrice Robertson. She was a homemaker.She is survived by son Dennis Talley of Ashdown, Arkansas; step-son William Barrett of Mount Pleasant; grandsons David Wayne Talley and James Thomas Talley, both of Fallon, Nevada.She was preceded in death by husband Alton Hughlan Barrett; her parents; brothers Charles Robertson, Dock Robertson and Bill Robertson; and sisters Helen Doss and Peggy Lee.Visitation will be held from 7-9 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 29, at the Bates-Cooper-Sloan Funeral Home. (Daily Tribune)

SLD conference - Speech by Tim Farron MP - Glasgow Liberal Democrats (press release)

Thu, Oct 13, 2011
Well, even the blackest of clouds have a silver lining. Your silver lining was particularly bright. It was the election of my friend Willie Rennie. Willie’s rescued the party before, as Paddy Ashdown’s commander in chief in the West Country between 1992 and 1997, he made the critical difference as we moved from yet another serious flirtation with oblivion to the point that almost all of Willie’s electoral map was painted a glorious yellow. I was heartbroken to lose Willie from Westminster in 2010 – but our loss is your gain, you could not have hoped in your wildest dreams for a better person to lead you from defeat to recovery to success than Willie. And doesn’t Alex Salmond know it! Willie is proving himself to be the leader of the opposition here, putting the increasingly centralised Holyrood-knows-best SNP on the back foot, tenaciously tackling them on everything from police restructuring to the role of the supreme court. Punching above our weight, getting noticed, confounding our critics, a proud Scottish voice, a real Scottish leader, our Willie, more and more I cannot help but see Willie and think of Paddy Ashdown whose energy, campaigning zeal and human, common touch saved us and restored us 20 years ago. And just when we needed him, Willie is the right man, at the right time and we are right lucky to have him! Of course Labour and the Conservatives are in the midst of their own leadership elections right now. The Tories might elect a leader who will then go about changing the party’s name. Those of us who remember the aftermath of the Liberal SDP merger will of course know that changing your party’s name always works wonders. Now then Labour, they are having a few problems with names too. It speaks volumes about how little Labour cares about Scotland, about how much Labour takes Scotland for granted that Ed Miliband couldn’t even remember Ken MacIntosh’s name. But actually, as I heard Ed’s speech, I was not amused, I was really angry. His biggest cheer came when he declared that he had been extremely brave in standing up to Rupert Murdoch. Has he lost his memory? If you are so brave Ed, why did you stay silent during the 15 years that Labour were sat lamely in Murdoch’s pocket? And don’t forget, Labour didn’t leave Mr Murdoch’s pocket of their own free will, they didn’t see the light and repent, no, Labour only exited Murdoch’s pocket when Murdoch chucked them out like some half-sucked humbug, pathetic and discarded. Just 3 months ago Ed and his front bench team were at Rupert Murdoch’s summer garden party, schmoozing away, presumably trying to think of ingenious ways of getting back into his pocket? Very brave, Ed, very brave! Well I’ll tell you about political bravery: Political bravery is standing up against the Iraq war while the Sun brands Charles Kennedy and every Lib Dem a traitor Political bravery is standing up against an indifferent world community, and a sneering media, by calling for action to prevent genocide in Kosovo Political bravery is standing up for a mature and positive relationship with Europe, in the face of reactionary drivel from the tabloids. Political bravery is standing up against the deregulation of the markets and the banks while the New Labour and Tory press act as its cheerleaders. Political bravery is recognising that going into a coalition at a time of economic crisis, is the right thing for the country even though it might well be a huge cost to you personally. Ed Miliband, if you want to know about political bravery. There’s a room full of folks here who can tell you all about it. Because political bravery is about doing the right thing, for the right reasons when it’s not popular. Well I spent much of May ringing friends throughout Scotland, many of whom had been defeate...

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