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Funeral Flower Arrangements

A funeral or memorial service offers a chance to celebrate and honor a beautiful life. This is a time when the natural beauty of flowers can be a sensitive way to commemorate the life of the departed. Funeral flowers express sympathy to the grieving family and will provide a more comforting ambience to all surrounding loved ones.

How to express sympathy with flowers and gifts?
If someone you care about has passed, you may want to send flowers but are not sure what is acceptable for this occasion, the following information is how to make sure your gesture is both appropriate and appreciated.


If you think about the significance of funeral flower arrangement, it is the last expression of affection that you will make to your loved one. Consider your relationship to the deceased or the deceased family. It is customarily for friends and family to send standing sprays or standing baskets for the display at the service. If you are next in kin then send a funeral flower arrangement, plants or sympathy gift basket to the funeral home. If you plan to send a sympathy gift to the grieving family’s home, then consider sympathy flower bouquets, plants or gourmet food and gift baskets. If the family requests charitable donation in lieu flowers, by all means make a donation but you can send funeral flowers and gifts as well.Remember, you want to express yourself fully to your departed. Funeral flowers are the best way that you can convey your sympathy and condolences. Florist One will give you peace of mind with their funeral and sympathy selections.

Send Sympathy flowers

Funeral Flowers Selection

Make It Personal
 Personalize your arrangement by using the deceased favorite flowers or color. Funeral flowers can also be designed in all kinds of shapes and sizes. For someone of religious views, you may incorporate flowers into a cross or another religious symbol. For someone who loved a particular sport during their lifetime, extra personal touch can be added with custom flower arrangement in a shape of sports item. Keep in mind at floral substitutions occasionally may be made to ensure quality and some of the custom flower arrangement will not be available due to time constraint. Choosing traditional funeral wreaths, sprays and hearts delivered by a local florist sometimes is an excellent choice.

Pitch In
If the mourner is a colleague, consider pitching in with other co-workers on one large arrangement for the service or send a food basket to the family’s home. If possible include everyone's name on the card.

After the funeral
You can still convey your love and respect after the funeral is over. If you didn’t find out until after the funeral, you can still send flowers and a card to the family’s house. The next few months after loss can be hardest. For people dealing with the loved ones death, receiving flowers or a card after the condolences stopped coming can be wonderfully comforting. Our florist can bring comfort in a very difficult time help you express your sympathy gesture in just the right way